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Our Services


Tile Flooring

Here at Buffkin Tile and Carpet we pride ourselves on our giant selection of quality tile, stone, mosaics and more. We maintain a large inventory to cover your entire home or just one room. You can take it home on the spot or have delivered by us! Whatever unique or specific item you’re looking for, we’re confident you’ll find exactly what you need or we can place a special order from our hundreds of samples. We also have an extensive selection of grout, setting materials, tools, sealers and cleaning products.  Most importantly we offer free guidance from our experienced and friendly sales and support staff.


Wood Flooring

Our Wood Flooring is some of the nicest in Brevard County. With hundreds of different products to choose from, we are confident you'll find what you're looking for. Stop by today to learn more and speak with our experienced staff about the extensive selection we have to offer.


Vinyl Flooring

If you have a need for a water resistant material with a natural look, our vinyl products are the best fit for you! Vinyl is a 100% synthetic material with great water resistance and flexibility. If you aren't looking for the soft comfy feeling of carpet or the thick, warm feeling of hardwood. We suggest trying some of our vinyl products!


Carpet Flooring

Do you want a carpet that is soft like the clouds? Or perhaps you like a carpet that is rough or rugged? Or maybe you don't know? With a selection like ours, you'll have no problems finding a carpet that fits your needs.



Backsplashes are a unique part of your kitchen or bathroom. They are not just an accent to the primary tile of your bathroom or kitchen, but tiles that protect the primary surface from water or grease "splashes". We have tons of different colors and designs in stock, ready for your home!



Here at Buffkin we provide customers with top of the line installers. After coming to your home to assess your needs and get accurate measurements, our professionals will order, then install your selected tile, carpet, wood or vinyl. They leave you with a great feeling about your finished product!

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